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All early stages of business owners are painfully aware of the difficulties they face when attempting to secure adequate amounts of working capital through traditional bank financing. In many cases, it is not that banks do not want to lend, it is simply that they are far too regulated and covenant restricted to provide financing to anything but the most creditworthy of clients with long operational histories.

At Acquisition Concepts LLC, we are seasoned experts in the various financing products included in the alternative commercial finance markets. Such "alternatives" to traditional bank "financial statement" lending include:
FACTORING: A method of cash flow management for companies operating on a B2B basis. Factoring provides immediate cash for invoices at the time goods are sold or services performed rather than having to wait 30-75 days for customers to pay.

ASSET-BASED LENDING: The financing of invoices, inventory, and equipment based on the value of assets rather than a company's credit score.

MICRO-LENDING: Smaller loans deemed difficult for traditional bank lenders, they are often guaranteed by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

PURCHASE ORDER FINANCE: A method of financing the manufacture of goods to meet a large order from a creditworthy customer. Purchase order finance is often associated with offshore manufacturing.

MERCHANT CASH ADVANCE: An advance of cash made based on future credit card or retail sales. MCAs can be used for almost any purpose but must often for expansion, equipment, or facility upgrades.

Manufacturing Factoring
Get cash for increased production.
Manufacturing companies need a constant flow of cash to purchase materials, meet payroll, negotiate with suppliers and accelerate their growth. Manufacturing factoring can help you reach these goals and more.

Oil and Gas Factoring
With payment terms in the oil and gas industry stretching from 30 to 90 days, your cash-flow concerns are growing. Oil and gas factoring gives you the cash you need to succeed in this industry.

Distribution Industry Factoring
How to acquire the cash you need.
Quick access to cash is paramount for your distribution business, regardless of who you're selling to: merchants, retailers, contractors, or industrial or commercial users.

Our customers include computer-products distributors, natural-gas distributors and marketers, and electronic-component distributors. By diligently managing their payables and receivables through distribution financing, they secure the working capital they need for long-term success

Staffing Factoring
Just in time to expand your business
For staffing companies, a reliable and positive cash flow can make the difference between keeping a small house of staff at only a few select locations and becoming a nationally recognized and highly profitable organization.

Service Factoring
For service companies, adequate cash flow can mean the difference between small potatoes and the big time.

Without tangible goods or real estate, service companies may not qualify for bank loans. Factoring, however, can maintain your positive cash flow.

Technology Factoring
Just in time to expand your business
New Century Financial specializes in providing technology companies like yours with Just-In-Time Cash through accounts receivable financing, or factoring. Whether you need an occasional cash injection or ongoing working capital, you can always depend on us to be there for you.

Energy Industry Factoring
How to acquire the cash you need.
New Century Financial factoring can improve your energy company's day-to-day operations by providing immediate cash.

Transportation Factoring
Transportation supports every American business, but delays in payments can create a big burden. Factoring is the solution.

How We Work
The consultants at Acquisition Concepts LLC are highly-trained and seasoned professionals who work closely with small business owners when the need for capital arises. As commercial finance consultants, we have access to over 500 "niche" lenders who specialize in various industries and business types. Our service fees are very modest and are never charged until you actually have access to the funds you require. In fact, in most cases, our service fees are paid by the lender at loan closing and not by our clients.

Accessing Our Services
Establishing your consulting relationship with Acquisition Concepts LLC is easy. Simply give us a call for a complimentary consultation so we can determine your business capital needs. Our "solutions" team will provide you with ready alternatives and in many cases, will set up a conference call with one of our courteous underwriters to detail our lending terms and conditions.

Find Out More
One of the best ways to further explore this powerful small business finance tool and to see if its right for you and your business is to request our FREE booklet, "When Banks Say NO!...The Small Business Guide to Factoring." It's FREE, from Fort Lauderdale Business Finance.

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